21 Apr 2018

Remembering Alice R. Pryor

Alice Pryor, longtime ATI member and sponsoring teacher, passed away on April 13, 2018, at the age of 88. She was a beautiful human and will be greatly missed. Alice is survived by her beloved husband, George, also a longtime member of ATI.

Alice was a second-generation Alexander Technique teacher who trained with Marjorie Barstow and taught the technique for more than 30 years in Austin, Texas. She brought to her teaching the wisdom of not only Marj but also of the many senior teachers with whom she studied internationally. She was a creative and innovative educator and loved teaching private lessons and small group workshops in her Austin home.

Alice taught for many years in Marj’s workshops in Lincoln, Nebraska. Always true to her training with Marj, she supported her students’ constructive thinking, self-reliance, and self-observation. She pioneered the use of video, encouraging her students to review their lessons and sharpen their observation skills.

Alice’s earlier career included working as an art teacher in the schools and an art professor at the University of Texas at Austin. She had a delightful sense of humor, tenacious spirit, and sharp mind. She will be warmly remembered as a devoted mentor, a supportive colleague and friend, and an insightful and caring Alexander Technique teacher.

Memories of Alice

“Alice was a joy to watch and learn from in the many workshops that we co-taught. She had a wonderful way of framing Alexander’s principles with simplicity and clarity and a gentle but direct way of guiding each student’s thinking. Alice was also my teacher “in life” for over 30 years.” Jane Clanton Bick

“Alice studied teaching methodologies. She dived deeply into using video in her lessons. We are talking the 1980s now, not this smartphone era. That was a big deal—using the VCR and tube TV to assist people in their process. Alice created freedom I had seldom experienced. We spent hours talking about the work, and I loved her wisdom, humor, and bright smile. They are not gone.” Jeremy Chance

“Alice was my first teacher. She encouraged me to become a teacher and trained me to do just that. She was my mentor. She was my friend. She was my movie buddy. She taught me important life lessons. She loved me and I loved her. I cherish her memory.”

-Kathleen Juhl

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