Zadok Ruben

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Trained with Martha Hansen-Fertman, Ed D, at the Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique (A-T), and further studied in Israel, NYC, New Jersey, Cambridge (MA) and Sweet Briar (VA). Founded Alexander Technique in Living© (2008 Westfield, NJ), a general practice that has included teaching at a V.A. Hospital (Integrative Medicine, East Orange, NJ),  the Philadelphia School for the A-T (PA),  the A-T at Cambridge (MA),  the Netanya A-T Teachers Training Course (Netanya, Israel), the Music School-New Jersey Workshops for the Arts (Westfield, NJ), and the New Jersey Institute of Technology string and jazz ensembles (Newark, NJ). In addition, developed, published and presented worldwide, a conceptual view of functional anatomy “Integrative-Relational Body Construct and Cognitive-Sensuous-Awareness in Movement”, been on a research team (fascia and muscle tone) at Rutgers University School of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences (Newark, NJ), and a consultant (anatomy) to Kathryn Armour, MA, for her  book (in preparation) on the A-T and voice.

 Zadok is a DVM, PhD, certified as a veterinary anatomical pathologist (ACVP) and a general toxicologist (ABT). He is well published in pharmacological and toxicological pathology and a consultant in R&D of pharmaceuticals and other medicines for human diseases. He has significantly recovered from serious back injuries without surgical intervention. He is interested in the advancement of knowledge on the integration of experiential education with scientific investigation as they relate to the nature of movement, in man and animals.

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  • First Language: English