Glen Park

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Glen Park worked in the Professional Theatre as actor, scriptwriter and director, before training as an Alexander Teacher. This experience has contributed to her deep interest in the emotional patterns that interfere with good use. She has taught the Alexander Technique for over thirty years, and has written a very successful book on the technique, The Art of Changing.

Glen has developed a way of working with the chakras, energy centres in the spine, which complements her Alexander work. This has led to an understanding of the central importance of the spine and head, as our physical and psychological integrating core. In her latest book, Touching the Soul, due to be published in 2018, she explores the chakras in greater depth, showing correspondences with findings in neuroscience and developmental psychology.

Glen has led many workshops for actors, musicians, Alexander teachers and trainees and is currently teaching on the South East Alexander School training course.

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  • First Language: English