23 Feb 2018

“Mindfulness in 3D, the Alexander Technique for the 21st Century,” by Peter Nobes, and published by The Real Press, is now printed!

       As Amazon.com says about this book, “The Alexander Technique is world famous for helping posture and back pain, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. As Peter Nobes argues in this passionate book, it is actually a great deal more than that, It will show you how to do everything effortlessly – mind and body – and make you look good, stay youthful, and come across better. It has more in common with Zen, Existentialism and Stoicism than it does with the yoga and Pilates that many people associate it with – it’s more about thinking than about bodies. It will teach you how to be more conscious and make new choices; how to be your authentic self, living in the here-and-now. It will help you develop a body so light you will barely know it’s there, and a more conscious mind – it’s how to be mindful in three dimensions.”

You can order it directly from Peter Nobes, or from Amazon.com.  It will be available soon as an e-book!

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