01 Feb 2018

Hummingbird Missives – ATI Member Contact

In her keynote address, Cathy Madden suggested that we take one day a month to contact a member and share a story or a question, to enjoy and strengthen our community.

The member stories offered for inclusion in the Keynote address highlighted that our collective delight in learning – continuous learning – is ATI’s play. (Note: the Keynote Address and accompanying stories will be in the next issue of the Exchange.) Between our meetings, some members spend a good bit of time working on committees and such; the idea of these missives is for everyone to also engage in a little “play” together once a month.

We are naming them Hummingbird Missives – which comes from the theme of the Keynote that arose from Sara Goldstein’s story.  She noted that the arrival of the hummingbirds at her feeders gave her a moment to reflect on beauty.  These missives are a moment to reflect on the magnificence of our members’ experiences. Here is what Cathy said at Islandwood:

“What if we committed to an ATI talk to a member day – say on the 29th of every month – it doesn’t have to be profound, or long.  Or even about the Alexander Technique. 

 I think it needs to be person to person.

We have many platforms to talk to the group.

It isn’t the same as a private communication.

If any of the personal stories or ideas you have heard in the last few minutes have awoken curiosity, would it be interesting to hear one a month?

I know we like our freedom –

So you have all kinds of choices-

It could be someone you know,

It could be someone you have never met.

The person could change every month, or stay the same.

Email, skype, instagram, postcards, Facebook messaging….all could work – the point is that it is person to person. 

If all 60 of us (a fraction of ATI’s membership) did that every month, we’d be making 720 new pathways.

Can we choose to create pathways – or perhaps flyways- to consciously create serendipity?

Ultimately the time we take to do this will, I believe, strengthen our community – perhaps research opportunities arise, or new partnerships – but that isn’t the first goal.  The goal is to spend just a wee bit of time with the things we care about. And value those communications for their own sake.

The Vision Mission Committee invites you to join us once a month for this light community-building pastime.  You’ll receive a Constant Contact once a month inviting you to consider who might receive your Hummingbird Missive of the Month.

All best wishes,

The Vision Mission Committee

Cathy Madden, Chair
Tommy Thompson
Jamee Culbertson
Catherine Kettrick
Jennifer Mizenko
Fiona Cranwell

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