24 Mar 2018

Hello from your Workshop Planning Committee! Give a workshop in Japan! ワークショッププラニング委員会からこんにちは!

Hello from your Workshop Planning Committee!

Our theme for the 2018 Conference is “Opening to the Unknown, Exploring New Possibilities”. Our Japanese cohort has expressed particular interest in exploring diversity within our organization; how we are encouraging diversity, how it serves us, where we could be even more inclusive, and how our Alexander Technique work allows us to be joyfully different, together.

As we prepare for our time together in Kyoto, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Are you working in some new way that you find fascinating? Excited about your new research? Have you had an “Aha!” moment in your work recently? Do you sit with questions we all might benefit from pondering? Have you made connections between the Alexander Technique and other bodies of work that you’d like to share? Could you spare an hour to lead us in waking our bodies for the great day ahead? Here’s your chance to make our annual conference even better!

We, all together, are ATI, Friends. YOU are ATI. Great events are born from you. Please consider sharing with all of us and leading a workshop in Kyoto this October. We really want to hear what you have to say!

Workshop proposals may be submitted in English at: Workshop Proposal Online Form. Please scroll down the page to the form.

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