26 Jun 2019

“Our Community’s Future: Diversity, Equity and Belonging,” the 2019 AmSAT Annual Conference & General Meeting (ACGM)


Workshops and events celebrating diversity with AT teachers, trainees and general public

The American Society for the Alexander Technique is excited to be able to offer a wide variety of workshops, small group classes and individual lessons to teachers, trainees and the general public.  There will be some free workshops and talks throughout the five days and a room provided for teacher exchange. To support the theme of this year’s conference, the conference will  inspire outreach to new populations, particularly into under-served and/or historically disadvantaged communities. Our goal is to consciously increase diversity of all forms with the aim to foster vibrancy and uphold our commitment to ensure the Technique benefits all people.

On Campus accommodations are available. Please call the AmSAT office at 800 473 0620 for assistance and visit our websites: ACGM registration website (Click HERE) or the AmSAT website www.amsatonline.org

Cost of Conference:  Pre-ACGM June 26-27 has $65 workshops, free talks as well as a free 2-hour experiential with Joan Frost, Lucia Walker and Sharyn West. ACGM June 28-30 is $600 or daily rate of $325.  Register by 4/15 and costs can be spread over 3 months.  Receive a 10% refund when you enroll in 6 or more Pre-ACGM classes.

Enquiries: Maggie at AmSAT office at 1 800 473 0620 or info@amsatonline.org

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