18 Oct 2019

Dynamic Poise: An Alexander Technique workshop in CONSCIOUS GUIDANCE AND CONTROL with Jeando Masoero


October 18-20, 2019

Explore how directing the mind rationally can replace old somatic habits of guidance.

The workshop is suitable for all:

  • Alexander Technique teachers, trainees and pupils
  • those seeking to alleviate back or neck pain
  • performers in any field wishing to achieve full potential
  • sportspeople endeavouring to avoid injury
  • anyone looking to attain strength and flexibility

Discover how to work on yourself with conscious guidance and control

  • Plan and perform movements
  • Experiment with sitting, standing, sit-to-stand, leaning forward and back, walking, bending, breathing and more.
  • Explore the ‘means-whereby’ principle⁠
  • Use video motion analysis (with the consent of the participants)

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