18 Jun 2019

Career and Life Enhancement Training: A Summer immersion Alexander Technique course


Led by Corinne Cassini and invited Faculty

June 18th- July 19 th 2019 in Boone, NC – Tuesdays through Fridays 9 am-1 pm

Special Guest Teacher Tommy Thompson: July 2nd- 5th

$330 (16-hours)
SLIDING SCALE for entire 80-hour course: $680-890
Choose any week (16-hours): $180-260/week
For more information, payment plans and registration, call 828-406-3938 or corinnecassini@gmail.com

Career and Life Enhancement Training is a course for AT teachers, trainees and professionals from all walks of life, who have realized the value of incorporating the principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique in their own lives and who wish to communicate and apply them within their own professional field and community.

This training is based on and inspired by a series of courses that Tommy Thompson offers several times a year in Cambridge, MA. Tommy will join us for the 3rd week of the course furthering participants in learning to articulate and apply the principles and concepts of the Alexander work. AT teachers and trainees will deepen their teaching skills in relation to those engaged in their professional and creative endeavours.

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