23 Jun 2019

Behold and Be Held – Five-Day Intensive Workshop


June 23-28

Please visit our beautiful website for the Alexander event we have been offering for many years in June at the Sevenoaks retreat center, near Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

This June our invitation is a poem by  Mary Oliver, whose life and poetry have been such a gift for many of us.

The URL is included that will take you directly to the invitation page, however, to prepare you for the depth of Mary Oliver’s poem, please visit the Home page of our website  www.thevillagegreen.net and follow that with the About Us page, and then go to the workshop page.  

Here is the URL to take you directly to the invitation page..   http://thevillagegreen.net/Swan_Song.html

For more information, please contact Jan Baty at  janbaty7@gmail.com

or (302)  368-5141

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