13 May 2019

Cathy Madden’s Book Published by Singing Dragon Press

Teaching the Alexander Technique:
Active Pathways to Integrative Practice

Published by Singing Dragon Press in July 2018

By Cathy Madden

Founding member , Cathy Madden’s book about teaching the Alexander Technique is described by member Carol Levin as;

“This caught my attention: “Learning the Alexander Technique cultivates curiosity” Here is a precise, enthusiastic guide to gaining a tool kit for, not only teaching, but learning. Not only Alexander Technique but this guide serves a philosophical arc of intention for teaching any subject, including groups, individuals and teaching online. “ (Carol Levin, Certified Alexander Technique International Teacher and author of five poetry collections.)

Here is an excerpt from her introduction:

“How did you think of that?” is the question I am asked most often when I am teaching. Each time I am asked, I answer it as completely as I can. And however I answer, there is a subterranean pastiche of experience and skills and beliefs that created the idea appearing at that moment in time. As with talking about anything and everything Alexander Technique-related, I wish for a tongue that could say many things at once when asked to explain where an idea came from. These writings collect the influences, skills, and experimentation that create the act, perhaps the art, of teaching the Alexander Technique.

The movement through the book begins with acknowledging the background and training shaping my perspective on the Alexander Technique. The second portion of the book considers the essential skills in teaching, with Teaching Stories offering examples of specific lessons. In the third section, I offer theoretical background related to my teaching practice, including acting training, studies in adult education (andragogy), and research on human performance and creativity, as well as input from everyone who has ever studied with me. Initially, these theories helped me explain what I was already doing; now, knowing them, they further develop my skills. This section moves into practical application of the accumulated skill sets and ideas in a wide variety of teaching situations. A glimpse into a myriad of games possibilities and a variety of teaching tips provide resources. I close with wishes on the future of teaching this work. “ (Madden 2018, p.9)

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