Yoko Tokuya

Contact Info:

  • djyoco@earthlink.net
  • (646) 413-2035 (mobile)
  • New York, NY, USA

After I moved to NYC in 1992, I was working as a singer, narrator and a radio personality. I also studied AT with the late Ms. Chloe Wing and proceeded to get certified as an AT teacher. Currently I teach singers, musicians, actors, dancers and others, both privately and in groups. Something I really love about teaching is seeing how my students feel so happy with the work and are amazed by and appreciate the benefits of AT. Their voices became free and produced a much better quality of sound. They find it easier to move and to sing more expressively. I would like to continue to focus on our body and mind for better performance and a better life!

92年にNYに移住後、歌手、声優、ラジオパーソナリティーの仕事をしながら、恩師故 Chole Wingとの出会いを機にアレクサンダー・テクニークの勉強を始め、現在は主にシンガー、演奏家、俳優、ダンサーを中心に日本語、英語で発声法/演奏法クラスとして個人及びグループレッスンを提供しています。いかにリラックスし不必要な力を使わずに歌や演奏等パフォームする鍵、呼吸法についてをお伝えします。声がたちまちフリーになり素晴らしい響きの音色に変わり自由な動きや表現が叶った時、ATの真価に感動し感激します。更に良いパフォーマンスそしてクリエイティブライフを生徒さんと一緒に目指します。NYで待ってます!日本からの主な受講アーティスト(敬称略):JUJU、前川千沙、音花ゆり、山田充人、平野綾、他

Additional Details:

  • First Language: English