This page is a platform for projects and initiatives where ATI Members and colleagues can post their projects developing Alexander Technique, encouraging networking and building connections with scientific, medical and artistic professionals.

Please contact the office to post your project if you are a non member. ATI Members go to All Together.

THE POISE PROJECT: alexander technique for the 21st century

Our Mission is maintaining natural poise throughout all stages and challenges of life through the principles of Alexander technique (AT).

Our Mission is realized through promotion of the profession, creation of programs adapted for specific populations and industries, and support of cutting edge research in the field.

We use a coordinated team approach uniting individuals who have benefited from AT, industry expert advocates, and AT professionals.

Alexander Technique Story Project

A collection of stories from people who have experienced important psychosocial changes linked to the practice of the Alexander Technique. The purpose of the project is to provide support and encouragement for people experiencing important psychosocial changes resulting from their practicing the Alexander Technique.

THE WITHING PROJECT is a world premiere theatrical oratorio that has been performed at the Jones Playhouse in Seattle’s University District for five performances only on November 19-22, 2015. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of Seattle-based theatre, music, voice, dance, medical and scientific collaborators, and based on controversial findings in modern neuroscience, The Withing Project explores shared consciousness and the humanity of “with-ing” or “being with another.”